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T'ai Chi Chuan is based on the concept of Yin (female) and Yang (male). The system is rooted inpush.jpg (19931 bytes) Taoism and its principles to be found in the I-Ching and Chi Kung. It consists of smooth circular motions of the body and limbs with elbows and knees maintained in a slightly bent position. It is the best of a variety of ancient Chinese physical fitness exercises. It is a system of gentle exercises which the princes of the ancient Chinese monarchy practiced for health and longevity.

Diana the Princess of Wales also practiced T'ai Chi as part of her daily exercise routine because it enabled her to harmonise mind, body and spirit.

Now you too can enjoy the benefits of this graceful set of exercises suitable for all age groups and gender. It will keep you healthy and calm all day long.

It is particularly beneficial for students because it develops a relaxed and more focused mind, thus enabling you to concentrate much longer without feeling stressed or agitated.taichi.jpg (18693 bytes)

Your Chief Caribbean Instructor is Sifu Michael Jacques. He is the British T'ai Chi undefeated Champion and the proud owner of his own T'ai Chi centre at Morne La Croix situated between the Pitons in Soufriere. Sifu Michael is also a college lecturer in England and is a B.A. [Hons.] graduate of Social Science. His qualifications include a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, (PGCE), Rei Ki Spiritualist healer and a certificate in personal counseling skills.

Sifu Michael is a strong believer in the force of God, and uses his faith in the divine force, to teach others the benefit of linking to their higher self. He does this by making them aware of their ability to find inner peace through the practice of T'ai Chi exercises and meditation.

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Brief History of T'ai Chi Chuan

T'ai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese form of classical dances for health and self development created by a Taoist named Chang San-Feng of the Sung Dynasty.  His fame and spiritual enlightenment were such that it reached the Emperor who showered him with gifts and built a temple on the Wutan mountains in his honour.

Emperors and princes invited him to teach in the Royal courts.  T'ai Chi Chuan became known as the aristocratic martial art.  Since its introduction, T'ai Chi Cuan has evolved into a complete system of exercises practised by people of all ages all over the world. 

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