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Holistic Health Holidays in the Caribbean


plane.jpg (7729 bytes)Why not do a "Round de Island Tour" and spend 2-3 days per stop, meditating, practicing T'ai Chi, Yoga, Reiki spiritual healing etc., with one of our qualified practitioners...

The "Round de Island Tour" is a 12 day adventure programme visiting different sites and staying at selected locations on the islands.

Guests are given the opportunity to experience life in a small village in a wooden house, in the middle of the forest or in a 5 star hotel on the edge of the beach.

The programme begins each day at 6am with the T'ai Chi Relaxation course, comprising of T'ai Chi, Meditation, Colour visualisation, Reiki hands on healing and Aura healing.

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There are 3 options to choose from:

Standard package price from 1000
2 Star guest house in town or
local wooden house in the country

Silver package price from 2000
3 Star guest house/hotel in town or country house

ani_star.gif (43728 bytes) Gold package price from 3000 ani_star.gif (43728 bytes)
5 Star hotel or country house

All packages come with full board, meals, the T'ai Chi programme, transportation, tours and festivals.  Guest may remain at any one of the locations and do the entire T'ai Chi Relaxation programme there. 
Guest may also choose to opt out of the T'ai Chi Relaxation programme and take part in some other activities which will be offered by the tour guide, but once started, the chosen programme must be completed.

Contact the Tour Operator in:-

for further information please E-mail us through: michael@jacques4.freeserve.co.uk

St. Lucia, Ms Michaella Wilson 001 758 459 3969
London, Michael Jacques 0956 913 437zenon.jpg (27203 bytes)

Or speak to a practitioner directly, call:-

  • Deborah Joseph
    001 758 459 5081
  • Barbara Kuznik or Dwayne Joseph
    001 758 459 5645
  • Matthew Philip or Kendal Boyde
    c/o Michaella Wilson - 001 758 459 3969

A complete 2 weeks package including:- Accommodation, Classes, Tours, Festivals, Meals, will cost from 1000, with flight 1500.

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